During the twentieth century, gangster culture challenged people to reconcile their ideas of morality and glamour. Real life criminals like Al Capone, Charles Manson, Bugsy Segal, John Gotti and others cemented a murderer’s place as one of the more acceptable yet macabre pieces of American pop culture. Teenagers hung Scarface posters on their bedroom walls, or listened to gangster rappers talk about murder with passivity and pride.

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The idea is taboo to western nations with a military bent: the notion that Islamist radicals attack western cities as a reaction to western interventionism in the Muslim world. Compounding this controversial idea is the soon-to-be-realized reality that Canadian airstrikes will begin killing the very people it claims to be protecting; Iraqi, Syrian and Kurdish civilians who are being held hostage by ISIS/ISIL militants.

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Homeland’s version of the American embassy in Islamabad looks like a high-end Marriot. It’s a building filled with the comforts of home – microwaves, wine bottles, lots to run around – that has no sense of place. It could be anywhere and it is nowhere in particular. This is not an environment for everyone but it suits some individuals for whom homesickness is never a problem. Think of it as Up In the Air for spies.

Pundits and veteran journalists have been pacing their floors, brainstorming various ways of explaining to Canadians the absurdity of Question Period. The parliamentary tradition of asking bloated, self-serving questions masquerading as sincere inquiries, mixed with make-believe answers through various pivots and spins meant to spotlight partisan talking points, is oddly self-explanatory.

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WTFScandal: Season 4, Episode 1

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Scandal is a crazy show. Shonda Rhimes and company burn through plot points like there’s no tomorrow. Recapping Scandal is therefore a fool’s errand. One runs the risk of either missing storylines or, in the interest of writing a coherent recap, treating Scandal like a coherent shows. As a result, Comments Enabled is proud to introduce WTFScandal: a quick, non-comprehensive rundown of each week’s most outrageous moments on Scandal.

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It must have seemed like a dream for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. After weeks of deflecting calls for public inquiries about the murders and disappearances of Canada’s aboriginal women, he finally caught a break. A vessel from the Franklin Expedition of 1845 was found just north of King William Island in the Nunavut Territory, nestled in Canada’s northern arctic.

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